Bodied: A Cloud9 Fancast, Episode 45: EnVyUs of Immortal Consistancy

July 21, 2017

Havokpus, Trey, Dr.Manhatten, and frozencreek all gather around the fire and discuss Cloud9's unfortunate weekend. The good: a story of second places! Mang0 goes second place at EVO 2017 and Vainglory ends split 1 of Summer 2017 behind TSM. The bad: C9 CSGO sadly drops out of the Krakow Major group stage. The shameful: C9 LoL's Week 6 of the NA LCS against NV and Immortals. As always, we close out the episode by talking about Cloud9's upcoming LoL weekend and giving predictions for the P1 and Dignitas games. 

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