Bodied: The Cloud9 Fancast, Episode 47: C9 is Blasting Off Again!

August 4, 2017

Havokpus once again duos with Dr.Manhatten to discuss the latest happenings of Cloud9! Today, they discuss the exciting news of a Rocket League pick up, Vainglory's kick off of the second split of the summer season, a preview of Dota2's appearance at the TI7 tournament, and the usual League of Legends talk. 


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Episode 46: El Kayntrato

July 28, 2017
News abound! Cloud9 had a big week, but not big enough for the Bodied team. Havokpus and Dr. Manhettan team up in an exciting episode of Smash, Cod, and VG results, some surprising events, and the LoL team's recent performance at the NA LCS

Bodied: A Cloud9 Fancast, Episode 45: EnVyUs of Immortal Consistancy

July 21, 2017

Havokpus, Trey, Dr.Manhatten, and frozencreek all gather around the fire and discuss Cloud9's unfortunate weekend. The good: a story of second places! Mang0 goes second place at EVO 2017 and Vainglory ends split 1 of Summer 2017 behind TSM. The bad: C9 CSGO sadly drops out of the Krakow Major group stage. The shameful: C9 LoL's Week 6 of the NA LCS against NV and Immortals. As always, we close out the episode by talking about Cloud9's upcoming LoL weekend and giving predictions for the P1 and Dignitas games. 

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Bodied: The Cloud9 Fancast Episode 44: Rift Rivals!

July 14, 2017

Excitement abounded C9 over the week! Havokpus sits down with frozencreek and Dr.Manhatten to talk about C9 CSGO's exciting run through the ESL Cologn tournament, as well as a bit of news surrounding Hearthstone's Kolento and the Vainglory squad. The conversation then turns to Rift Rivals, where we evaluate how the team performed vs the other NA and EU teams. To close out the evening, we talk about C9's upcoming matches against NV and IMT and give our predictions. 


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Episode 43: The Good and the Bad

July 7, 2017

Host Havokpus is joined solely by frozencreek to discuss some CS:GO and Vainglory before hopping into our week against TSM and CLG. Neither of us is sure how to rate Cloud9 at this point. The standings say one thing, but is it the story of how the split is going? We also talk a little bit about Ray vs. Impact and our perpetual debt in top lane in-game earnings. We then talk a little bit about Rift Rivals. Though we're only two matches in (at the time of recording). We finish with a Skadoodle moment of the week and some quick Rift Rivals predictions



Episode 42: Fidget Spinning to Victory

June 30, 2017

Havokpus and the gang start off the episode by talking about Cloud9 CSGO's great, and not so great, results of the ECS Season 3 finals. Then after touching on some other esports results, they dive right into League, talking about the team's results against Team Liquid and Dignitas, as well as the challenges faced in their upcoming matches against TSM and CLG. As always, the show closes out with the crew's predictions for the weekend, as well as their moment of the week.


Episode 41: Inconsistencies

June 23, 2017

On this episode of Bodied, havokpus, Ian and frozencreek kick off the episode with other esports before we get a surprise appearance from Trey. We then talk about Rift Rivals (RIP the ultimate salt fest). We talk about the new patch, and our 1-1 week against Immortals and Echo Fox. There's emphasis on our incredible baron throws throughout the weekend. We talk about predictions for the new week and finish with our moments of the week. Thanks to Ian for editing and mixing the audio.


Episode 40: Strike Like Lightning!

June 16, 2017

Havokpus, Trey, Ian, and Dr.Manhattan (a newcomer to the show), discuss Cloud9 while Frozencreek and Pie are away. On today's episode, we talk about CSGO's amazing victory in the PGL American Minor, the LoL team's bounceback after their rough week one, then finish it all off by predicting how Sneaky and co. will fair against Immortals and FlyQuest. As always, please follow us on twitter @c9bodied. Please feel free to tweet or email questions to us, as we will try to get to them on next week's show!


Episode 39: Rant Corner

June 9, 2017

On this episode, we take a step into the RANT corner with long passionate soliloquies and heated debate among the most opinionated. We begin the podcast with other esports, such as a 3rd place finish for Overwatch, the implosion of CS:GO, Melee, Smash 4, and Vainglory are all covered. Plus Trey and PieMagicMan share their magical weekends at ESL Finals and LoL arena respectively. Rants underway, we dive into Cloud9's interesting strategy of dropping two games in week one, preview our week against Phoenix1 and Echo Fox, and talk about the Echo Fox practice strategy.


Episode 38: Happy LCS Day (Summer Edition)

June 2, 2017

Today's June 2nd. WHICH MEANS HAPPY LCS DAY. But before we break out in figurative song and dance, we discuss Ally's win in the 2GGC Greninja Saga Smash 4 tournament, CS:GO, Overwatch's 2nd place Rivalcade Rumble finish, and Vainglory's win at VG8 Spring 2017 Unified Championship. We finish with a preview of the NA LCS and our matches against CLG and TSM.