Bodied Special Bulletin Report: C9 Kongdoo

September 24, 2017

Overwatch League roster speculation no more! Hours after the Bodied crew finished recording Episode 54, Cloud9 announced a joint venture between the Kongdoo Panthera's Overwatch team. Not only was a sick logo released, but information stating the newly rebranded team would become London's Overwatch League roster. Listen in, as hosts havokpus and piemagicman sit down and discuss the ins and outs of the big news. 


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Episode 54: Playing In Or Playing Through?

September 22, 2017

NOTE: This episode was recorded HOURS before Cloud9 picked of Kongdoo for Overwatch League, so some of this podcast is outdated already.

Welcome to this week's episode of Bodied. Most of the usual crowd is here, including host Havokpus, Ian, and Frozencreek. We discuss other esports including our steller Rocket League team. We discuss some CSGO failings and the future of Overwatch League again (Without Kongdoo knowledge). We then move on to Worlds Play-ins with discussion of our group which includes Dire Wolves (including old NA CS talent Shernfire) and Team One. We finish Worlds discussion with meta discussion and talking about the lack of Jensen on the top players lists coming out. We finish with our moment of the week as usual. 


Episode 53: The Iron Throne

September 15, 2017

This episode is 90 percent League of Legends. Host Havokpus is joined by Dr. Manhatten, Trey, and Frozencreek. We first discuss the Gauntlet and our third consecutive victory in the regional tournament. We discuss the team's play at the moment and how they will fare in the World's play-in along with Ray's future on the team. We end with other esports (shout-out to Vainglory). 


Episode 52: The Gauntlet Run

September 8, 2017

On this episode, host Havokpus, Dr. Manhatten, and Frozencreek join together to discuss all things Cloud9 again. The team discusses Smash, CSGO, and Rocket League before switching over to Overwatch. Is the CSGO team good enough? What should we look for out of Ally in the future? Next, we move onto the Gauntlet where Cloud9 is the final boss. What can Cloud9 do to win the final match against the team they face? And who will it be? We end with predictions and moments of the week.


Episode 51: Blizzard Rants

September 1, 2017

On this episode, we get our first pentacast in awhile. Host havokpus along with Pie Magic Man, Trey, Dr. Manhatten, and frozencreek all gather to get through another exciting week of Cloud9 news. This is mostly a non-League of Legends episode. We talk about the CSGO failures with the new roster, Smash, and spend a little bit too much time ranting about Blizzard, Overwatch, and the Overwatch league. We end discussing League of Legends playoffs and a little bit about Cloud9.


Episode 50: DIGging a hole

August 25, 2017

Despite the tough loss, we have the family together again. Host Havokpus, Pie Magic Man, Trey, and frozencreek join together the powers of Bodied to record the 50th podcast. It's a full episode with everything going on, so strap yourself in. This episode touches on CSGO, Smash, League of Legends among others. Plus we introduce our new Overwatch segment, "Who's Watching the Overwatchmen." It's a ride for our 50th episode, but we made it.


Episode 49: London is my City

August 18, 2017

On this episode, host Havokpus, Dr. Manhatten, our 12-year-old Trey, and frozencreek gather around to talk all things Cloud9. We run through the matches from the week, including Call of Duty, Vainglory, and Smash. Then we discuss London Cloud9, the new official Overwatch League contender. To end other esports, we discuss the legacy of Shroud and Nothing and their replacements, RUSH and Tarik. We finish the episode talking about League of Legends and the playoff match against Dignitas. Next episode is number 50 and we're having a skin contest. Make sure to join. Tweet @c9bodied about why you love Cloud9.


Episode 48: DOH-ta

August 11, 2017

The ol' gang is back together for this episode. Havokpus, Trey, Pie Magic Man, and frozencreek go through all the other esports quite in length on this episode. Starting with Rocket League and Vainglory success, and DOTA 2's short International under the C9 banner. We also have a poorly timed discussion about Overwatch since the news of London Cloud9 dropped hours after we recorded. We finished reflecting on the regular League of Legends season where we discuss if it was a success or not. 


Bodied: The Cloud9 Fancast, Episode 47: C9 is Blasting Off Again!

August 4, 2017

Havokpus once again duos with Dr.Manhatten to discuss the latest happenings of Cloud9! Today, they discuss the exciting news of a Rocket League pick up, Vainglory's kick off of the second split of the summer season, a preview of Dota2's appearance at the TI7 tournament, and the usual League of Legends talk. 


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Episode 46: El Kayntrato

July 28, 2017
News abound! Cloud9 had a big week, but not big enough for the Bodied team. Havokpus and Dr. Manhettan team up in an exciting episode of Smash, Cod, and VG results, some surprising events, and the LoL team's recent performance at the NA LCS